Time to set the record straight and try to kill off three myths about Facebook.

  1. Recently I’ve seen more and more posts “Check out who’s viewed your Profile!” Facebook DOES NOT let anyone see who has viewed their profile and it never has. Click on this link and all that will happen is all your friends will get spammed. Fact. If you want to see who has viewed your profile, then get a LinkedIn account and use that instead. That’s right LinkedIn lets you see who has viewed your LinkedIn profile, Facebook doesn’t.
  2. Next up is the post that says “Switch to Pink Facebook”. Firstly, why? Secondly, really? Thirdly it’s another scam. Go on try it, especially if you want to spam all your friends again. Is it possible to turn Facebook another colour? Well apparently so, but not by clicking one of those links, you can try this link if you must (warning, I’ve not tried it so if it doesn’t work don’t blame me) or you could get your 2-year-old to colour in the screen for you.
  3. Ok this one relates more to pages than personal profiles but it’s pretty important. I’ve seen the below post a couple of times. Sample Facebook post

Here are the facts.

Facebook has launched “Promoted Posts” a new way to advertise your page. Using a Promoted Post will cost you money but will get your post more predominantly displayed in your fans news feeds.

The default setting when someone likes a page already seems to be “Show in News Feed”, all the pages I’ve checked all ready have this checked and all the pages I’ve liked since Promoted Posts were launched have this as the default.

Like it or not, not every one of your fans sees your posts anyway. Your status updates are probably only seen on less than 10% of your fans news feeds at the moment. It’s all based on the “Edgerank” of your post and whether or not they are online when you post your update. Want to see how many people have “seen” your update? Then check out your insights on Facebook and look at the “Reach” for each post. You might be surprised.


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